Hot Check Collection at NO FEE to you!


Taking the Check Law story to prospective merchants is a vital part of the continued growth of Check Law Recovery Systems Inc. As a result, the role of Marketing Rep is a very prestigious and well paid position.
Marketing Representatives are rewarded for enrolling merchants into the Check Law programs and are also rewarded each time a check is collected for merchants they have enrolled.

Never refer to a Check Law Representative as a salesman. They are not ! Check Law doesn’t sell anything. We do not charge the merchant a set up fee….nor a monthly fee…therefore our Marketing Reps collect no money nor bill the merchant for anything. Our Marketing Reps simply seek out businesses that need our services…explain the programs…and enroll them with Check Law. For that they are paid a very handsome up-front fee plus they are paid a lucrative residual for each check we collect for that merchant.

What a great concept. Professional salesmen from other fields are “jumping” at the Check Law opportunity. Those trained in sales of Insurance…Home Products…Cable TV…. any direct sales experience…are making more money than they ever dreamed possible with Check Law.
Paid weekly, Marketing Rep's checks vary from a few hundred a week to over $2,000 per week. With Check Law you literally set your own salary, limited only by your willingness to work and by your ability to prospect and make presentations.
If you are a professional looking for a great opportunity in your area, I want to talk to you. If you are new to Direct Selling but desire to enter a great career field, I want to talk to you. Mail me your resume … call me … or e-mail your resume TODAY!

Ms. Ford