Hot Check Collection at NO FEE to you!

NOTICE: On September 1, 2022, Check Law Recovery merged with Mastercheck. Mastercheck is a check collection and debt collection company located in Oklahoma City, OK.
You may contact Mastercheck at (877)377-2769.

On January 1, 2018, CKS Investments took over Check Law Recovery Systems and did business as Check Law Recovery.

Previously, Check Law Recovery Systems Inc. was established as an Arkansas Corporation in 1995 to service the collection needs of Arkansas business owners. Our mission is to give excellent service by collecting hot checks at an unsurpassed collection rate; collecting in house before resorting to criminal prosecution on those individuals who for one reason or another had written funds insufficient or on a closed account. We found this type of servicing is a positive effort for our merchants as well as their customers. Merchants know in today’s highly competitive market place they can’t offend any of their customers. No intimidation is implied by Check Law to their customers therefore their returning to the merchant to do business is a much greater possibility. Furthermore, collections are accomplished at NO FEE to the merchant – the checkwriter pays the charges. If we don’t collect your monies, we don’t get paid.
Our collection staff services our clients – thereby freeing up the merchant’s time and energy to concentrate on “the business of the day.”
Little did we know, our servicing would lead to referrals which required us to be licensed in other states. We operate in 26 states due partly to word of mouth which speaks for itself.
We are proud of our staff and the excellent collection efforts put forth. By accepting checks rather than merely credit or debit card usage you increase your profit margin. A report of September 2002 published by the American Collectors Association Check Services Program referred to a study by the Federal Reserve System: only one percent of the total number of checks written daily are dishonored.
We encourage you to see the difference in this highly competitive collection field by contacting us and giving us an opportunity to service your “hot check” needs. We can do anything they (other collection firms) can do but the difference is we strive to do it better.


Check Law Recovery Systems, Inc.